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tv   11 News Today  NBC  March 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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budget proposes that appeared doomed from the start. sitcoms is losing its sheen. >> where will the marble fall in today's round of marble roulette. the forecast as we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> our producer is feeling funky today. >> he got a new haircut. what is he trying to say? the weather is a crapshoot? >> he has been peeking into the weather office. weather-wise, the dart board sets quiet. it will be a nice day today. we do have some rain coming up on wednesday and thursday. a couple of clouds hanging around.
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not enough to block out a beautiful sunrise. shooting for a high temperature of 50 degrees under partly to sunny skies. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we will talk about the rain by the end of the week. >> we're dealing with an accident on the eastern shore. westbound 50 approaching 301. is an accident just pass the outlet center. we want to keep you posted on that. we will let you know if any delays start to shop. eastbound moving ok. we are getting important facebook updates. this is 40 past rolling road. a disabled vehicle taking up the right lane. traveling in the harrisburg expressway, problem-free. 55 miles per hour on the topside. slower ones to get over to the west side. 11 minutes on southbound 95 down
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to 32. so far so good on the west side. this is of liberty. building volume headed down towards 70. all that is what we normally see at this hour. this is 50 at sandy point. westbound, all lanes closed just past the outlook center. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> the commander of the homicide unit is suspended after an unusual accident. >> jennifer franciotti is live of city police headquarters to explain. >> major terrence mclarney is the head of the homicide division. his department-issued vehicle was found in a ditch in howard county. the car slid off the road near route 32. police from the vehicle but nobody was inside the car.
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it has become a matter of investigation. major mccormick did not call in to report the accident. authorities now try to figure out what happened. >> this could be something as simple as a weather-related mishap or something more serious. and as a precaution, we took the proactive step of routinely suspending the major as we would any high-profile commander given the circumstances of the incident. >> the major is on paid suspension. he did call his commanders to report the incident. major mclarney has been with the police department for 37 years. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> taunting words from the man dubbed the east coast rapist. prosecutors say aaron thomas, " what took you so long?" dna evidence link him to one of
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the assaults. prosecutors say thomas was living with his girlfriend and going out on the road and committing crimes. a man is in custody in connection with the disappearance of two young girls over the weekend. police have not set will link the young man to tierra taylor and azaria griffin. the girls were reported missing and were found 24 hours later in woodlawn. >> the senate worked late into the night to pass a message that what i'll look reading text messages while driving. the house of delegates approved a similar measure last week. howard county appears poised to join the ranks of jurisdictions to put up speed cameras around schools. the announcement will be made following a yearlong study later
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on this morning. >> a similar cry being hurled in wisconsin and ohio is being heard in anne arundel county. government trying to take away their rights to negotiate. the council voted to allow them to have final say in labor disputes. both sides had to accept the ruling of a third-party arbitrator. it will help the county avoid future tax increases. after months of partisan bickering over the federal budget, the senate is poised to take up two spending proposals. as kate amara explains, the outlook is not good. >> the senate could vote as early as today. one of from house republicans and one from senate democrats. both are expected to fail.
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key senate votes this week expected to only prolong the nation's budget stalemate. there is a $50 billion gap between the republican spending proposal and one offered by democrats. senate majority leader harry reid said the gop plan will cost 700,000 american jobs. >> these votes will show us who wants an easy applause line and who wants to strengthen our nation's bottom line. and as the two party's vastly different proposals make clear, there is a fine line between a responsible budget and a reckless budget. >> the gop plan would cut $61 billion. democrats would slash $6 billion. republicans argue that's just not enough. >> those are fake cuts. they are not real cuts. this is washington-talk. this is why this country is virtually broke. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell suggested president obama isn't serious about solving america's fiscal problems. >> i hope i'm wrong about all this. but all the signs point toward
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inaction on the part of the white house. and in my view, this would be a tragic failure of leadership. >> the white house says the two sides are much closer than the numbers suggest. and democrats are hoping failed votes on the budget will push lawmakers toward a bipartisan agreement. >> if we find that common ground, we can get that long- term resolution and move on to some of these other big issues. >> last week congress passed a temporary bill to keep the government funded for two more weeks until march 18. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it appears the budget ax is falling on a program that police have called a big help in clearing their backlog. funding issues are forcing the marshals service to close up shop on their safe surrender program. it helps avoid dangers for officers. it allows them to turn
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themselves into a designated locations. >> we got about 1000 people taken in a non-violent warrants. those are 1000 people that were able to move on with their lives. the government is going through some major cost-cutting. >> we continue to look at other ways to help we can reduce the backlog of warrants. >> federal officials say the programs to launch a $50,000 yearly price talk was too pricey to maintain. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about the decision to eliminate the "safe surrender" program due to budget cuts? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger is proposing a bill that would stop the westboro baptist church in the future. it would preserve the right for
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free speech without disrupting the funerals themselves. new details on what limits or restrictions might be contained in that bill. >> a top aide to the mayor is leaving city hall. she has resigned and will leave in two zero weeks. she is a lawyer and joined rawlings-blake at the beginning of her administration last year. a search is now on the right for her replacement. >> 31 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> wild wintry weather still in parts of the northeast. dramatic scenes from the most recent storm. >> he may say he is winning. but charlie sheen just lost his job. >> losing. >> we do have some rain in the forecast by the end of the week. >> morning commute pretty busy
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on the eastern shore. one accident blocking some
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>> welcome back. a beautiful morning. 36 degrees downtown. that is deceiving. it is colder in the suburbs. in the northern suburbs, the temperatures dropped into the mid 20's. 28 in jarrettsville. you may have to scrape some frost off your windshield this morning. we don't expect any precipitation. we're watching a cloud deck
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movement from the west. that will move and this afternoon. you'll probably see the sunshine obscured late in the dead. pretty nice day. a big storm system gathering strength in the plainness s states. storm will give us some rain in the mid-atlantic starting wednesday night and on thursday. up until then, we should be ok. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. temperatures right around average, upper 40's and low 50's. sunrise coming up in just a few minutes. it will be a beautiful sunrise this morning. chilly but not as cold as last night. we will be in the 30's. tomorrow, the storm will get closer to us. rain will move into the western suburbs lead in the afternoon. for most of you, it will be late in the evening. for us, in the mid-atlantic
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region, we could see heavy rain started sometime during the day on thursday. maybe a few thunderstorms. we just had a system moving in on sunday. the ground is saturated. there is a flood watch on wednesday night into thursday because there's no place for the water to go. there could be a minor flooding problems. thickening clouds tomorrow. rain likely by the evening hours. showers and thunderstorms on thursday. a high near 56. it gets chilly going into the weekend. you could see some snow on friday morning. over the weekend, basically dry with high temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. let's check the roads with sarah. >> we have a problem on the eastern shore. westbound 50 blocked between it owlets center drive and 301.
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for delays through that area. eastbound running smoothly. north and southbound 295 in great shape. good through howard county. a disabled vehicle taking up the right lane. not a whole lot as far as delays. volume beginning to build in the northwest corner. traveling south on 795, problem- free out of owings mills. 95 looks good at white marsh. volume continues to build on the west side. this is traffic 50 at sandy point. toward the bay bridge on the eastern shore, westbound 50, all lanes closed just passed out what center drive. >> thank you. the northeast is getting walloped with more winter
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weather. this is what looked like in syracuse's monday morning. more than a foot of snow. syracuse university closed classes for just the second time in history. the worst flooding in western connecticut. water swallowed up cars. people said the was the highest water they have seen in decades. attorneys for different vendors the said their client plans to plead guilty in the killing of a woman. he is the prime suspect in the death of natalie hallway. he is accused of killing a woman in lima. they hope this sends will be shortened. three weeks of tirades and erratic behavior is enough for the producers of "two and half men."
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charlie sheen was last seen on a building waving a machete. said he will sue the producers for breach of contract. >> the golden arches are no longer the easiest place to find fast food. subway has dethroned mcdonald's as the number 1 chain restaurant. the sub shop had more than 3300 stores worldwide. 1000 more than mcdonald's. the former champ said they are committed to being better, not just bigger. your wallet make it thinner or your pockets could have your. the treasury department is recommended to ditch the paper dealt with a point because of costs. would save $5.5 billion over 30 years because dollar bills last
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less than four years and points last for decades. interesting findings regarding the pay gap between men and women. jane king has more in the bloomberg business report. >> >> we may be paying higher prices at the pump because of -- expect tighter conditions when you fly. united and continental is dropping plans to expand seating capacity. they may get rid of planes that are not as fuel efficient. the price of domestic round-trip tickets are increasing. this is the sixth time airlines have raised prices. investors had another down day. a drop for shares of local tech company siena.
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said revenue will come up short of what analysts predicted. this is the anniversary of women's day. it will take another 45 years to close the gender wage gap in the u.s. have made great strides. the ratio of women's to mans annual median earnings were still 77% as of 2009. that is business. i'm jane king for wbal-tv 11 news. >> a new study finds the older a mother, the greater the chance she will have a large baby. older women are considered high- risk pregnancies. things like a baby's size can impact a woman's ability to deliver naturally. >> compared to women about 30 to
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35, younger women tend to have smaller babies. women that are 35 and older tend to have larger babies. laboring is better even if you have a c-section. there is less blood loss and the baby's lungs are more mature. >> a big baby is not a reason to induce labor or scheduled a c- section. to see the entire interview, it is on our website, >> 31 degrees on tv hill. another check and weather and traffic straight ahead. >> the orioles square off against the yankees. keith mills has sports. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about the decision to eliminate the "safe surrender" program due to budget cuts? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> getting busier by the minute on the area roads. we have an accident that has the westbound lanes of 50 just
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passed out what center drive approaching 301. churr heavy delays on the eastern shore. no delays north and southbound on 295. 100 looks good. 95 through howard county running smoothly. a bit of a delay on the west side. so far so good on 795 and 70. we have some delays on southbound 95 coming out of white marsh. beltway and the 895 split. north side looks good. tunneled traffic moving well. this is the pace at liberty. this is sandy point and the toll plaza moving without delay. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> your off to a quiet start on this tuesday. it should be a nice day today. -- we are off to a quiet start on this tuesday. 36 degrees downtown. a mixture of sunshine and a few
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clouds that. high temperatures around 50. not bad. we will come back and check the forecast going into the weekend. first we sent it over to keith mills. >> good morning. the orioles resume their exhibition season today against the phillies. here's something you do not see every day. in major league game that ends in a scoreless tie. the orioles and yankees. 0-0. zach britton begins for the birds. he showed he wants to make the team. three shutout innings. scoring chances were rare. mark reynolds at second. a bass said. the throw is a strike -- a base hit. a great catch and tag. mark reynolds is out. it states scoreless spirit in the seventh, reynolds. brooks robinson would be impressed with outplayed.
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0-0 after nine innings. both teams were out of pictures. that is how would and did. find your sister and kiss her. a big night for donte' stallworth. he and 31 players will be honored at the courage awards. he was voted in by his ravens teammates. he missed the entire 2009 season because of late dui manslaughter charge. every player will be keeping an eye on today's latest meeting between roger goodell and the owners. they met for four hours on monday. the latest deadline is friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. rachel alexander will be a mother. she won the preakness at pimlico. she was bred with a two-time horse of the year to win the preakness in 2007. you talk about some good
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chromosomes and genes. met at the motel 6 predict just kidding. rachel due february 1, 2012. at kennedy has resigned as towson basketball coach per accost $40,000 to breed a horse. >> may be higher than $1 million. >> 31 degrees on tv hill. much more to come in the next half-hour of 11 news today picklock the head of the city's homicide division is suspended. >> may come as welcome news to most city residents. never what is thrilled about a proposal to lower baltimore's tax rate. >> do have some soaking rains in
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody.
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welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. >> good morning. we are off to a good start on this tuesday. we expect partly to mostly clear skies. we will make it up close to 50 this afternoon. the viewers want me to pass along that they like your ty this morning. >> that is nice of them. -- they like your tie. >> it is airshow. >> the head of the homicide unit suspended this morning. >> this stems from a single car accident in howard county. jennifer franciotti is live with more details on the story. >> major terrence mclarney was involved in an accident that resulted in his car going off a ditch off 95.
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skid marks lead to a muddy ditch off i-95 in howard county, leaving clear tracks where someone veered down an embarkment along the westbound route 32 exit off i-95. the single-car accident spawned two investigations because the head of baltimore city's homicide unit was behind the wheel. and according to state police, major terrence mclarney did not call in to report the crash. >> this could be something as simple as a weather-related mishap or something more serious. and as a precaution, we took the proactive step of routinely suspending the major as we would any high-profile commander given the circumstances of the incident. >> mclarney, who often takes the lead on high-profile cases like the phylicia barnes disappearance, is now on paid suspension while state police investigate the circumstances of the crash. a city police spokesperson says it happened between 7:00 and 8:00 sunday night after the major left work in baltimore city. >> he did report it to his commanders. his commander was aware of it. homicide was also aware of it. state police obviously towed it. he does have some -- mspm sure has some followup questions for
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the major, and we're going to cooperate exclusively with them. after their review, we'll conduct an administrative investigation just to make sure that the reports and everything match up. >> police investigation is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. the chief of detectives will be helping to cover mclarney's duties in the homicide department. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the heavy rains are causing flooding concerns. there is a significant rise in the main stem of the susquehanna river. officials will open two dates to relieve swelling. some low-end overflow is possible below the dam. there's a slight chance brute 202 -- rooute 202 could be close because revenue from the slots casinos are up from january.
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between the two casinos, the state made more than $12 million, compared to 10 $20 million in the month of january. ocean downs mate $3.1 million. slots to generate $15.5 million. >> it is no secret baltimore city has to hire property tax rate in the state. a new plant would reduce that by half. car reed explains how it works and white faces some resistance -- tie reed explains. >> drive through baltimore city and is not unusual to find a vacant homes. the city has lost 30,000 people in the past decade. >carl stokes presented a plan that he says it will stir a new
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growth. a bill to cut the tax rate. it would mean lowering the property tax by incense each year starting in 2013. he has met with developers and economist as well as studied similar cuts in san francisco and boston. >> many other cities have reduced their tax rates. they have gained money, residents, jobs, commercial development. they have all gained. why would we be the one city in america that would reverse that rule? >> opponents say this city would lose big. the mayor's office predicts the city would lose $394 million. it relies on fuzzy math and would lead to irresponsible cuts in public safety. jim craft agrees. >> every time we cut the property tax by a penny, we have
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to decide what $3.7 million we will not spend next year. is that simple. >> part of the proposal is to raise the homestead tax credit cap by 2% for three years. >> every penny that the city gains by raising the text will go immediately to reducing the tax rate, so that citizens will pay the same or less across the board by and large. >> tonight the i-team tackles the pros and cons of a redevelopment project in baltimore. you probably familiar with the location. here's a preview from jayne miller. >> the whole idea is to redevelop the big state office complex which has dominated 28 acres in this part of baltimore since the 1950's. bounded by howard street and
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martin luther king boulevard, 16 state agencies are located here in four state-owned buildings. redevelopment plans were first announced by a different governor in a very different time, march of 2006, when the economy was humming. it was pushed forwad by governor o'malley as the economy started to stall in the spring of 2008. now, spring of 2011 approaches, and the project has yet to break ground. >> we are not on hold. we are proceeding. there is lots of work to be done. >> tonight at 11:00, the project's developer, its supporters, and its critics on an ambitious plan to reshape a whole section of the city. >> there is plenty to challenge. >> this community deserves world-class office space. this community deserves world- class facilities. >> the prject's impact on taxpayers, and what if so much space is no longer needed? all tonight at 11:00 p.m. for the 11 news i-team, i'm jayne miller. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> time for a check on traffic.
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we do have some problems on the eastern shore. westbound 50 is shut down because of an accident. it is prior to the 301 split. delays now stretched back to 404. the is being detoured at outlet center drive. you may find some delays as to make a right into the cities. delays on the west side outer loop. 12 miles from 75 down towards seven. on southbound 95, 12 miles per hour approaching the beltway down towards the 895 split. this is a live view of the north side, not bad at perring parkway. southbound traffic picking up a bit. a smooth ride from harford county. >> to live. we are off to a quiet start.
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-- thank you. down to 28 at the airport. a few high, thin clouds. we will still call partly to mostly sunny with a high temperature near 50. a chance for rain moves in late in the day on wednesday and lasts all day on thursday. there could be some minor flooding problems on thursday. back into the load to mid 40's with a chance for rain or snow in the morning. a brief warm-up. the possibility of some more flooding on thursday. >> thank you. 31 degrees on tv hill. if you thought a floating house was just a case of movie magic, think again. we have real life proved.
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>> oprah one on one with former president george w. bush. oprah: and he si
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>> a mexican waters scare became the fastest barefoot water skier in the world. he did not set the record with a boat. he had a helicopter tell them around acapulco bay. he beat the previous record set in 1939. he dedicated the record to its hometown of acapulco. acapulco has been a about ground in mexico's bloody drug war. >> talk about the case of life imitating art. there has been footage of a real-life version of the animated hit film "up."
6:42 am
a team of scientists successfully launched a house. it took only a one-hour voyage. it reached a height of over 10,000 feet. it was the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. this will debut in the fall on the national geographic channel. >> did they shoot the balloon? >> 31 degrees on tv hill. coming up, looked at the morning's headlines. >> we do have some heavy rain in the forecast by the end of the week. here's a peek outside. a beautiful morning. stay tuned. the weather is next. the weather is next.
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>> welcome back. libyan warplanes have launched repeated strikes against rebel forces marching towards the capital. britain and france have began drafting a resolution for a no- fly zone. nato has decided to boost surveillance planes over libya. president obama said the violence of the regime is unacceptable. the senate could vote on to its budget proposals as early as today. both are expected to fail. harry reid said the gop plan will also cost 700,000 american jobs. republicans argue the democrat's proposal is not enough. congress passed a temporary built to keep the government funded for two more weeks. it appears the budget ax is falling on a program that police
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have called a big help in clearing the backlog of wanted criminals. the save surrender program price tag is too costly to maintain. the program helped baltimore run up close to 1009 deaths from both vendors. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what do you think about the decision to eliminate the "safe surrender" program due to budget cuts?
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>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> a group of abortion protesters took their message to the streets of bel air only to be arrested. they filed suit saying their rights have been violated. one of the parties has settled. the case is far from over. >> and my being arrested for? >> maryland state police approached the defend life abortion protesters while they work on the tour. the group was using graphic posters depicting aborted babies. they admit the message may be shocking but they said they have copyright to protest. they filed suit after police arrested them. >> maryland state police, the town of bel air cooperated.
6:48 am
harford county incarcerated us and egregiously searched and did invasive searches of the women who were involved. >> i was arrested, shackled, and strip searched twice. >> harford county is no longer fighting the suit in court and has agreed to settle. >> that settlement involves a policy change which would prevent the type of searches that happened in the harford county detention senate to ever happen again in the first amendment context. >> they want to see the bel air police department and maryland state police follow their lead. >> we're asking the maryland state police protect our rights and that weekend protest without the fear of the maryland state police exercising the authority that they do not and should not have to arrest us without
6:49 am
recent. >> bel air police did not return our phone call. harford county officials would not comment on the case. mr. robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. we have had a busy start for motorists on the eastern shore. the accident was cleared westbound 50 just passed out what center drive. we still have some other problems. northbound 95 approaching caton avenue. looking at delays around the area. york road in timonium, a crash. another at phoenix and jarrettsville pike. harrisburg expressway checking out fine. we're looking at a slow go southbound 95 backup from approaching white marsh, 10 miles per hour on average in that stretch. slow on the west side of ballou. this is the harrisburg
6:50 am
expressway north of the beltway -- slow on the west side of the beltway. no delays. we do have that accident just prior to this shot still clearing southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a bit on the chilly side. you may have to scrape some frost off your windshield, especially in the northern suburbs. 28 at the airport and 38 degrees in annapolis. the skies are clear. there's a few high, thin clouds coming across the mountains. a storm system is gathering strength in the plains and producing strong thunderstorms and extreme weather on the topside of it across the northern plains. that will visit us wednesday night and thursday and a good chance for rain. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds today. upper 40's and low 50's. right around average.
6:51 am
sunset at six minutes after 6:00 p.m. chilly but not as cold as last night. the wind will just be light and variable. that storm system is better organized and gets closer to us. rain will be approaching from the west. we will stay dry until the evening hours on wednesday. this will get stronger as we approach thursday. that means more thunderstorm activity for us in maryland. the ground is already saturated. we could see some flooding. there is a flood watch for the wednesday night and thursday timeframe. 40 tomorrow with a chance for rent late in the day. showers and thunderstorms likely on thursday but will get warmer. after the front goes through, tgets warmer. -- it gets colder again.
6:52 am
this weekend, daylight savings time begins. set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on saturday night. >> thank you. the suspension of the baltimore city police commander. there was an unusual auto accident. jennifer franciotti joins us live from city police headquarters with that story. >> major terrence mclarney is the head of the homicide department. his vehicle was found in howard county in a ditch over the weekend. that car skidded off a road on sunday night. state police found the vehicle but nobody was inside the car. state police say major mclarney did not: to report the accident. and now he has been placed on routine suspension while authorities try to figure out what happened. police investigation could be wrapped up by the end of the week. mclarney is a veteran of the
6:53 am
police force. >> thank you. a one-on-one with former president george bush on "oprah ." he sits down with his parents. it isn't encore presentation today at 4:00 p.m. -- it is an encore presentation. here is meredith vieira for a look at what is coming up next on the "today" show. >> gas prices shoot up again overnight. why do we always seem to pay more as the spring and summer months approached? charlie sheen speaks out about his firing from "two and half man en." we're live with details of a surprise visit from prince charles. we're on the air and there will be a special show on our new websites,
6:54 am
behind-the-scenes look at what our mornings are really like. tune in and logging and as we get started on a tuesday morning right here on the "today" show. >> i know you have a driver come get you. >> if there on time, i can take the limo. >> 6:54. third yuan degrees on tv hill. >> we will come back and check the weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> things are busy.
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we have accidents on eastbound northern parkway at falls road. there are icy conditions. also, a crash at york. another in phoenix. this is the white marsh area. that is one of our heaviest delays. down towards the 895 split. the west side is another spot where we're seeing extra volume. >> it is still winter. there is no precipitation tip. we will see a few clouds drifting in. it will be a nice day. rain comes in wednesday night and thursday. there could be a minor flooding problems over that stretch. tune to am 1090 to hear traffic and weather together on the fives. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at,
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and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter. throughe
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future of the family rests upon the foundation of a strong marriage. unfortunately, today the sacred institution of marriage faces numerous challenges. we must work together to defend it. join the catholic church as we seek to build a culture that promotes and esteems marriage. our doors and our hearts are always open. . . . . . .


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